Boeing 737 crash: The last message from the pilot to his mother

“I’m coming to Nairobi. I forgot my phone, but we’ll talk once I’ll be there.” This was Yared Getachew’s last words to his mother as he prepared to fly the Boeing 737-Max 8 to Nairobi.

It was a trip he had done many times before, and even for his family, there was nothing to worry about. His mother, Dr. Rayan Shapi, whom he spoke to for the last time before beginning the trip, confirmed that his son was in a state of habitual calm, as has always been the case before each of his flights.

Boeing 737 crash: The last message from the pilot to his mother
Boeing 737 crash

Yared Getachew, 29, had no idea he would never see his family again because, after takeoff, his plane had technical problems and crashed six minutes later.

A few seconds earlier, he had reported to the Ethiopian radar control technical difficulties with the aircraft after take-off and had been allowed to turn around and land at Bole.

“Yared was an excellent driver. Since working for Ethiopian Airlines, he has never been involved in an accident. He was an experienced Boeing 737 Max driver,” said Mr. Getachew’s uncle Khalid Shapi in an interview with Nation newspaper.

Yared Getachew was of Kenyan and Ethiopian nationality. He worked for the airline for nearly 10 years. He had logged more than 8,000 flying hours, with commendable performances as captain.

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