Britney Spears fans concerned about topless photos: “Against her will”

Fans of Britney Spears (39) are concerned about the topless photos posted on the American singer’s Instagram account. On Saturday, for the fourth time in a week, a picture of Spears bare-chested and in only shorts appeared. According to some fans, this is happening against her will.

“I get the feeling that these photos are private and being shared without her permission,” one person wrote. Many fans react critically, especially under the last topless photo. Some speculate that someone other than the singer also gained access to the account. “I believe these photos are not being posted by her.”

Spears himself writes several emojis with the half-naked photos. Fans notice that the images were probably all taken in the same photoshoot. “Something suspicious is going on,” someone responds.

The topless photos follow an intense period for the singer, known for pop hits such as ‘Toxic’ and ‘Gimme More’.

Spears first spoke out last month about the thirteen-year receivership that started when she was admitted to a psychiatric institution in 2008. The singer started legal proceedings against her father in 2019.

During a hearing of the case, she indicated that she felt like a slave to her supervisors, especially her father, Jamie Spears.

Link to topless instagram post

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