Carlos Miralrio uses coolers, plastic bags to escape from prison

Carlos Miralrio Mujica used coolers and plastic bags to escape from prison. Carlos Miralrio escaped from the Islas Marías and survived in the sea with sharks. he steals again in the church and rearrested.

They all considered him dead, and nothing has changed because he decided to steal in a church. Carlos had managed to escape from the Marías Islands, the fearsome Mexican prison. He survived the sea ​​infested with sharks and reached the capital. But his criminal activity did not stop, and that ended up condemning him.

In the middle of the 80s, he imprisoned in the Southern Prison for robbery and injuries, but he used another name. Later it learned that he changed his identity because he had murdered two people, including a policeman.

Justice was not long in coming: he gets prison sentence to 26 years. And sent to the Islas Marías, where he arrived in August 1988. During his stay in that prison with walls of water, as the writer José Revueltas called it, Miralrio liked to play the guitar.

Carlos Miralrio uses coolers, plastic bags to escape from prison

In an article published by El Gráfico, it reports that the then penitentiary loves Carlos. Carlos plays guitar and that made the penitentiary to call him to play in the end-of-year celebration in 1989. During the celebration, there was chaos due to the intoxication of alcohol. Miralrio decided to use the opportunity to escape and to fulfill his mission, he uses plastic bags, coolers, a machete, matches, and a lighter.

Carlos Miralrio Mujica broke the coolers, and tied them to his body, he kept the matches in the plastic bags with the lighter and some food. So he threw himself into the sea. But according to the same information when he sees a shark, he stood still – like a table – to prevent the animal from noticing and attack.

Carlos Miralrio uses coolers, plastic bags to escape from prison

In the file of the inquiry 4ª/133/990-0, it details that the inmate left the Mother Island towards Magdalena Island. Then he went to Isla Cleofas in a raft he made, and from there to Puerto de San Blas. His crossing at sea lasted more than 10 days. Once on the ground, he first visited a sister in Jalisco. He then moves to the Mexican capital, that was in February 1990.

Meanwhile, in the Marías Islands, they left him for dead. Once in Mexico City, he contacted another ex-prisoner, whom he had met in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison. With him, he stole the Convent of Regina Coeli, in the historic center.

It seemed that Carlos Miralrio had achieved his mission, not yet!. 4 months later one of the buyers of the stolen religious pieces shows up and so, the police found the thieves.

The security men arrested Carlos Miralrio in the Obrera colony. He then reviewed his details. Miralrio learned of his incredible story, which he disclosed to the security operatives.

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