Carp with ‘human face’ spotted in Chinese lake

A very special carp was spotted yesterday near the Chinese city of Kunming in southern China. A passer-by filmed how the beast came to the surface near the water’s edge, and that produced a remarkable picture. The head of the carp looks unmistakably like a human face.

The video of the carp was shared on Chinese social media, and the head of the fish is the topic of discussion. Twitterers are also not exhausted; the majority think the beast is a scary in appearance.

It goes without saying that the head of the carp does not have the shape of a human face, but is optical deception.

Two lighter stripes run from the side of the head to the middle, with two dark spots below. Together these two form the ‘eyebrows’ and the ‘eyes’. The apparent ‘nose’ and ‘mouth’ are created in the same way.

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