Céline Dion: “I’m not ready to date again”

Celine Dion (51) had to say goodbye to her husband Rene Angelil on January 14, 2016, about 3.5 years ago, and although there were a lot of corporate rumors about the singer in the past year, Celine now says that she is not yet ready for a new relationship.

“I am lucky that there are many people in my area who make me laugh, but I do miss someone who touches me,” Celine tells the Today Show. “I miss being hugged, I miss someone who says I am beautiful, but I am not ready to date again.”

The singer also thinks about Rene, who lost the fight against throat cancer in 2016. “Before I say anything, I think about him. Then I wonder if he would do this. If he didn’t think it was too daring. I believed in him so strongly, and I still do today.’

Celine and Rene got to know each other when the singer was barely twelve years old, and not much later Rene became her manager. When Celine was nineteen years old, they started a relationship, and in 1994 they got married. Their relationship was sealed with three sons, Rene-Charles (18) and the 8-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy.

Céline Dion: “I’m not ready to date again”
Celine and her now-deceased husband Rene.

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