Chinese man swallow spoon and it stuck inside his esophagus for a year

In China, a man walked around for a year with a steel spoon in his oesophagus. Surprisingly enough, the piece of cutlery did not bother him too much. Until he suddenly had breathing problems and asked doctors for advice. They did not know what they saw.

Mr. Zhang swallowed a spoon in 2017, after which it remained stuck in the oesophagus, between mouth and stomach. The man did not immediately feel the need to visit the hospital and months passed. Until he suddenly got stabbing pain in the chest and could not breathe normally anymore. He visited the hospital and not much later doctors took a twenty-inch steel spoon from his body which was covered with mucus

“When Mr. Zhang visited our hospital he seemed to have a lot of pain,” said Yu Xiwu, his head, nose, throat and ear diseases were what he complained when he visited the hospital in Xinjiang. “With the help of an endoscope, we quickly saw that a mucus-covered spoon was trapped in the oesophagus.” Yu Xiwu and his colleagues never saw anything like this before: “I was surprised. Never before have we encountered a patient with a similar problem.”

Operation with tweezers
After a procedure that took two hours, the doctors managed to remove the spoon from Mr. Zhang’s body. They did that through his mouth, with a large forceps. After a few days Zhang had recovered from his operation. “Hopefully he learned something about it,” his doctor said.

40 knives
People regularly swallow things such as dentures, lighters and toothbrushes. This usually happens from gluttony or absent-mindedness. But some also do it intentionally. For example, a 42-year-old man swallowed forty knives for two months, he thought the knives tasted good.

©Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital-The spoon was removed from the esophagus after a 2-hour operation.

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