Chris Brown enforces slander against a woman accusing him of rape

The lawyer of Chris Brown in Paris holds word and has today filed a slander against the woman who claimed to have been sexually abused by the rapper. Brown has been detained for a short time.

It seems that the lawyer not only invokes a civil case, but uses a law article that deals with privacy violation. A maximum penalty of 1 year is imposed on the violation of this law.

The declaration of slander is not a surprise. The lawyer had announced yesterday on behalf of Chris Brown a procedure to start, because the artist is put in a bad light.

Brown spent hours in Paris after a 24-year-old woman had claimed that he had sexually abused her in his hotel room. According to Brown, he has not been alone with a woman for a single moment. According to a TMZ source, he feels an easy target based on his past. Brown was convicted in 2009 after he had hit his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

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