Compliments words: 10 compliments we don’t want to hear

Even if someone claims they don’t like getting compliments, they are lying or simply unable to understand why they are being praised. We take pleasure in being the beneficiaries of compliments, but there is a category of compliments that, while they may appear to emphasize dignity, actually come across as degrading.

1. You would be better off not wearing glasses

What does the person complimenting you mean when they say that your face is more attractive when you don’t wear glasses? They mean that without glasses, your eyes are clearer, your nose is more noticeable, and so on.

How does the person to whom the compliment is directed interpret the following question: why do you wear glasses when they don’t look good on you at all? They can enlarge or reduce the appearance of your eyes, change the proportions of your face, and hurt your overall appearance.

2. Oh, you’ve lost weight and are feeling better

When you reach your goal weight, you’ll notice that the clothes you already own look much more breathtaking on you. This is what the person who pays you a compliment is trying to say. Yes, and it makes you healthier, giving you the willpower to begin exercising, eat less, and make other healthy lifestyle changes.

The complimented person hears, “you know when you were fatter, you looked bad, but now the situation has improved.” At long last, you were able to attain the inner fortitude necessary to put an end to your habit of excessive eating. And if I recall correctly, you used to be overweight. Is that correct?

3. You look good today

When someone compliments you, they may say, “Your face is glowing with cheerfulness today.” What does this mean? Your appearance suggests that something positive has occurred in your life recently because you have a more radiant appearance.

As the person who is the target of the compliment hears it, it is said that normally you have a lifeless appearance and, in general, you are repulsive, but today you have the potential to be called a person who is not painful to look at.

4. You appear much younger than your actual age

You obviously don’t look your age or much younger than your peers. This is what the person who compliments you means when they say it. Be impressed with how the years haven’t gotten you. You probably have great genes and take good care of yourself. You also have a lot of willpower, and that’s why you were able to kick those bad habits that made you look older than you are.

Hearing “and you are well preserved for your age,” the person who the compliment is intended for hears the compliment. You would think that people your age would already be making their way to the cemetery by this point, but you shouldn’t be discouraged because you have an advantage over your contemporaries.

5. You have such a pleasant fragrance; you should put it on more frequently

When someone compliments your smell, they are essentially saying that they want to spend more time with you because you smell good and that the cologne you are wearing blends well with your natural scent.

As the recipient of the compliment hears it, the following is said: normally, you have an unpleasant odour, whether it be sweat or something else; however, today, because you are wearing perfume, standing next to you is not as offensive.

6. You are so cute

When someone compliments you, they may say something like, “I feel safe next to you.” What does this mean? I admire how considerate and sympathetic you are and how comfortable you are expressing your feelings in front of other people.

As the person who is the topic of the compliment hears it, the compliment states that they are as adorable as a young child. I used to feel friendly toward you, but now it’s more like a maternal instinct, and you don’t stand a chance.

7. You should smile more often

What does it mean when someone compliments you if they say: I didn’t realize you were so charming when you smiled. It is important to find ways to bring more joy into your life so that others can see the splendour in your smile.

As the person receiving the compliment hears, “Well, you know how to smile, so do it more often; otherwise, you walk around constantly gloomy.”

8. You have limited opportunities, but you did something that is commendable

Your temporary or permanent disability did not cause you to fall into a state of depression, and rather than giving up, you are fighting for your place in the world. This is what the person who is complimenting you is trying to say, and it is a source of motivation for everyone nearby.

As the person who is the target of the compliment hears it, the compliment continues by saying, “for a disabled person, you have achieved good results.” Indeed, it does not affect everyday people, but this is not a problem. If you were able to, everyone else has an even greater chance of making positive changes in their own lives.

9. Contrary to my initial impression, you are an interesting person

When someone pays you a compliment, they say something along the lines of “at first, I did not count on a great discussion. I thought that you would be like everyone else. However, you managed to surprise me in a good way.” I can’t remember the last time I was this interested in something.

As the receiver of the compliment hears it, the following is said: at first I thought that you were a boring person, but you surprised me and turned out to be a little bit more interesting. It’s not exactly a hook, but it’ll have to do.

10. I don’t usually like guys like this, but you got me hooked

The person who compliments you says, “My type is different, but you have qualities that make you forget about prejudices and pay attention to me.” This means that the person who compliments you sees qualities in you that cause them to pay attention to you.

As the compliment receiver hears it, the following is said: “I don’t know how you could hook me, given that I don’t like guys like that, but you could.” Even though you don’t have a chance, I’m interested to see what happens next.

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