How to change your life completely

You may be one of those people who always say they’ll change but never actually does something about it. Your hopes of achieving mental serenity and inner harmony and your ambitions to make life more pleasurable for yourself and others will stay as aspirations. There are some reasons for this, ranging from a person’s natural laziness and lack of confidence to a busy schedule that does not provide time for anything other than work.

It does not take a significant amount of time to make a change. Your genuine motivation to complete the task is all that is required. We have compiled a few guidelines that, if followed, will help you change your life completely.

1. Quit finding reasons to justify your actions to yourself

The exact opposite is true; employed adults have relatively little spare time and energy available to them. But there are those who, despite their circumstances, can nevertheless realize their ambitions, while others are only interested in finding excuses. Try not to be the kind of person who is so set in their ways that they won’t even give themselves a single chance to improve anything and instead refuse to take any action.

Put an end to searching for excuses, as this is the only way to bring about positive change in your life. If you genuinely need something and want something, you will find the time, effort, money, and other necessary resources to get what you desire. But if you give in to your laziness and give up trying to get what you want, your brain will come up with “excellent” reasons why you shouldn’t try any longer. Everything is in your head, and you can exercise control over the thoughts that go through it. Instead of seeking reasons not to do something, you should search for chances and creative solutions.

2. Get started on what you’ve planned right away

If you’ve already developed a detailed strategy for change, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to convince yourself that you don’t need to change your behavior right away. Believe me when I say that the longer you put it off, the less motivated you will feel to make any effort toward achieving your objective.

There is no requirement for you to take on an overwhelming amount of responsibility right away. It will be sufficient to get at least the first few stages started. When you are aware that the foundation has already been established, it is much simpler for you to keep working on bettering yourself subconsciously, especially if you feel like you’re making some progress.

3. Don’t try to shift the blame onto someone else

If there is any aspect of your life or with who you are unhappy, make an effort not to blame other people or external factors. Being a victim will not serve you well in any way.

If you avoid taking responsibility, you send the message to yourself and those around you that your efforts won’t accomplish anything. You are not even attempting to take responsibility for the predicament you find yourself in right now. There is always someone to blame for everything, whether it is the current state of the economy in the country or the delays experienced by public transportation, etc.

Try to ask yourself why you are in the uncomfortable situation you are in. It is most possible that the circumstances you find yourself in are the direct outcome of a string of poor choices or careless deeds that you have made in the past.

4. Be sure to keep your promises

Acquire the habit of honouring the promises you make to the people around you and yourself. Maintaining your composure in the face of all the change around you is of the utmost importance. Make it a point to stick to your word and always carry out your promises. It will assist you in reshaping the way that you think about things. Before making any promises to another person, you will learn to consider both the positives and negatives of the situation.

Don’t forget that you owe it to yourself to be truthful with yourself. You deserve it. If you have promised yourself, you should do all in your power to keep that promise. This mindset will assist you in being more self-assured and developing a variety of personality qualities that will help you achieve what you want on several occasions.

5. Do not waste time, either your own or that of other people

Consider time as a far too valuable resource to be given away. You only have one chance at life, and you have no way of knowing when that chance will end. Imagine how little time you have left, even if you intend to live until you reach retirement age. Your job consumes most of your time during the day, week, month, and year. Another significant portion of each day is taken up by the time you spend sleeping. The few hours you have left over after work, weekends, holidays, and time off during your vacation are all examples of time that you are free to manage in any way you see fit.

Acquire an appreciation for this useful resource. You can make up for the money you’ve lost and the energy you’ve spent on a goal, but you can’t get the time you’ve wasted again. Keeping this in mind, you will avoid engaging in activities that do not cater to your requirements and wishes.

6. Love and respect yourself

You must acquire the skill of showing love and respect to the person you are. Indolence and narcissism are two concepts that should not be confused with the ones discussed here.

To love yourself means taking care of yourself, acting in ways consistent with the guiding principles of your life, keeping your health in good standing, and focusing on improving yourself to bring satisfaction to yourself. When you love yourself, you do not want to dwell on how you fall short or accept your circumstances as they are. If you are confident in resolving an issue, you should force yourself to get it done. Not for the benefit of other people, but rather for your own sake.

The same may be said for respect for yourself. Do what you believe to be right, insist on a specific attitude toward yourself, don’t stay in situations that make you uncomfortable, and don’t give up your joy to make other people happy. In practice, despite their seeming simplicity, you keep breaking these rules.

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  1. I agree with your ideas to change your life is like going to school needs the Learning environment, text book and the teacher.

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