12 activities on the Christian faith to keep your children busy!

Those who currently have to suffer the most from confinement are obviously our children! It is not always easy to find daily activities to entertain them.

Here are some tips and ideas for activities to put in place to keep them busy while growing their faith.

  1. give them Bible coloring pages that you can easily find for free download on the Internet
  2. put them Christian cartoons
  3. put them Christian nursery rhymes available on youtube
  4. promote the reading of Christian children’s books
  5. introduce them to a great Bible character each day or a well-known Bible episode
  6. create with them a prayer box in which they will put small papers on which they can write their prayer topics or secret dreams
  7. organize a family worship during which the child is empowered (he can read the biblical passage, study, prepare the list of songs, make the closing prayer and even prepare a short teaching that he will share in his own words)
  8. do board games, quizzes or riddles on the Bible
  9. ask them to create a play on a biblical episode that they will present to you at the end of the day
  10. teach them a Bible verse that is understandable to them each day
  11. have them write a letter in which they can put whatever they would like to say to God or any questions they would like to ask him
  12. promote plastic arts activities during which your children will have fun drawing, pasting, cutting out, coloring and assembling various materials, while developing their biblical knowledge. Here are some ideas found on Pinterest that may inspire you:
  13. This time of confinement may be an opportunity for you to spend more time with your children and to transmit Christian values to them: take advantage of it!

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