Countries where fat people are not officially welcome: from fine to deportation

Sometimes losing weight is profitable, while being obese poses health risks. Overweight is not just for fashion concern; some nations take it to the state level. You are not welcome if you are overweight.

In recent years, the number of overweight people has been steadily increasing. As a rule, this is only their personal problem, but there are countries in which the fight against this phenomenon is brought to the state level. Everything is done here to make it at least uncomfortable for overweight people. In one of the states, they are even ready not to let those whose body mass index exceeds 35 into the country.

United Arab Emirates

It seems that this fabulous country has chosen the most pleasant way even to fight the fullness. In order to stimulate its citizens to get rid of personal pounds, the UAE came up with the most pleasant and extremely effective way. The fact is that the country’s authorities offer overweight people to take part in the competition.

Participants can get a very decent prize: two grams of gold for every kilogram dropped. There were cases when participants shared over 16 kilograms of pure gold among themselves. And also, in the UAE, within the framework of the state games ‘Gov Games’, women who have successfully lost weight shared two million dirhams.

New Zealand

In this country, the government is much less loyal to overweight people. The trouble is that every fourth adult citizen of New Zealand suffers from excess weight. Accordingly, obese people get sick more, and health care is forced to budget more and more sums. True, the authorities can no longer do anything with the indigenous people except to promote a healthy lifestyle and call for weight loss. But people whose body mass index exceeds 35 will never be able to become citizens of New Zealand.

According to its results, potential immigrants undergo a special survey they already know whether they can count on moving to the country or not. And these are not empty words, cases of refusals to obese people are already known. Albert Buytengus, a cook from South Africa, did not have his work visa extended, as his weight was 130 kg. British rugby player Richie Trizeise and his wife had to lose weight, and when Richie himself had already entered the country, his wife had to spend some time away from her husband, as she could not quickly return to the desired shape. Fortunately, these rules do not apply to tourists.


The Mexican authorities literally force their citizens to adhere to the principles of good nutrition. For example, it is strictly forbidden to sell unhealthy food in schools and any other childcare facilities. However, adults will have to pay extra for the desire to eat something harmful.

Countries where fat people are not officially welcome: from fine to deportation

For example, chips, burgers, and pizza are significantly more expensive than a set of foods that do not contribute to weight gain: fresh vegetable salad, fruit slices, and a cereal bar. In addition, overweight Mexicans are required to visit a nutritionist and exercise. And for a certain number of squats, everyone can get a free ticket to any attraction.


In the Land of the Rising Sun in 2008, the Metabo Law was adopted, which regulates the maximum waist. For men, it is 90 cm; for women – 80cm. According to the law, every resident of Japan between the ages of 40 and 75 is obliged to measure his waist annually. In the event that its volume is more than the established norms, a man or woman must go for a consultation with a nutritionist who will draw up a plan for losing weight. This process is closely monitored.

Countries where fat people are not officially welcome: from fine to deportation

Another measure that encourages citizens not to gain excess weight is a fine for a fat person. Fortunately, there have been no precedents yet; apparently, the Japanese are very quickly getting in shape thanks to the consultation of a nutritionist.


This country does not take radical measures against people suffering from excess weight, it is just that in Finland, the struggle for a healthy lifestyle is carried out systematically at the state level. A special label has been developed for products that denote food that does not harm health: with optimal fat content, low-fat foods, and helping to normalize blood pressure.

By the way, the state supports farmers who grow organic products, they are trained at special free seminars and are given seedlings and seeds free of charge. There are certain vegetables in canteens that can be taken for free as an addition to the main course.

And there was also such a thing as Nordic walking. With the support of the state, an active advertising campaign was carried out, and this type of walking with sticks, invented by Exel, soon became the most popular. Scientists have proven that when Nordic walking, all the arms, back, and abs muscles are involved, and more calories are spent than during a walk. At the same time, the joints do not suffer, and the heart muscle is strengthened. There are also points in Finnish cities where you can rent a bike for free.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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