Crane-man at 90 meters calls emergency: “Help, my arm is off”

The Cincinnati (Ohio) fire brigade rescued a crane operator from a plight after he calls the emergency number. The crane-man was at a height of more than ninety meters in the cockpit of the Colossus when he was hit by a cable and almost lost an arm.

The blow of the cable meant that the twenties got a big cut in one of his two arms. This was just not separated from his body, but the driver suffered a lot of blood loss. The Crane-man then called the emergency number 911 himself to tell the emergency services about the accident and to say he was in a crane on the construction site at the children’s hospital in Cincinnati.

Crane-man at 90 meters calls emergency: "Help, my arm is off"

When the firefighters arrived, they saw three cranes from the same company on the construction site. It took some time for them to find out that the injured crane-man was sitting in the tap of more than ninety meters high.

The crane man received the first medical aid high in his crane and was hoisted down in a stretcher after an hour. “He has lost a lot of blood,” said a fire department spokesperson, “but he is conscious and alert.”

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