Decorate your bathroom? These are the trends of 2019

Looking for a new bathroom? According to building site Livios and bathroom specialist X2o, the trends of 2019 focus on timeless design and quality. With black accents, warm woods and a matte finish you cannot miss this year. The right mirror also lifts your bathroom to a high level. And do not forget the smallest room!

Stylish mirrors

Mirrors are not only functional, they lift your bathroom design to a higher level. With the right mirror, your small bathroom even looks a lot bigger. A mirror with anti-vapor function makes your life easier. And with built-in LED lighting, your bathroom is not only better, but also attractively illuminated. Also play with the shape of your mirror: a round or two verticals next to each other give your bathroom a refreshing effect.

Black accents and warm woods

Black remains the colour for your bathroom. Therefore, decorate your white design with black accents. Go for it with a black tap or do it subtly with your frames and shower profiles. Black handles also give your bathroom an elegant, sober and stylish look. Do you want more than black accents? Then opt for a bathroom furniture in a warm type of wood, such as black oak: perfect in combination with a black faucet or shower frame.

Matt finish

With a matte finish you give your bathroom a soft, timeless look. Do you only want matte accents or a completely matt bathroom? It can be both. You can even find showers and toilets in a matte version. A solid surface wash tablet with a white frame: you do not need more for an open, bright bathroom where you can relax. Above all, choose a mix of trends and classics. This is how you create the bathroom that suits you completely. Don’t know where to start? Here you are inspired!

Pimp your toilet

Which indispensable room can you easily overlook? Right! With these tips you change the smallest room in… well, a nicer room.

  • Choose a hanging toilet: you determine the height yourself and clean the floor easily.
  • A universal, retro or sleek copy? Determine your style yourself. A mat porcelain toilet fits perfectly with other matte materials.
  • Get rid of the clinking toilet seat: go for a soft close one. So, you do not rob anyone of his night’s rest.
  • A toilet with a smart flush system is clean and easy to brush.
  • Integrate a fragrance block into a push plate and create a pleasant smell in your toilet.
  • Save space with a hand washer without cabinet.
Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.

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