Demi Lovato: her survival after brain damage due to heavy overdose

Singer Demi Lovato (28) has revealed more details about the overdose that almost killed her in 2018. “I had three strokes and a heart attack,” she says in the trailer for her new YouTube documentary ‘Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil’. “As a result, I am no longer allowed to drive.”

“I no longer drive a car because my vision has deteriorated from brain damage,” Demi tells E! News. “As a result, I could no longer read properly for a long time. It was a really huge victory when, after a few months, I was able to read a book from start to finish for the first time, which was no problem for my hospitalization.”

In the documentary, her good friend, actor Matthew Scott Montgomery, also argues that Lovato had started on heroin. “I have crossed a border that I never passed before,” is all Demi says about it.

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Rehab center

Lovato was already struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as a teenager. She conquered the disease and was frugal for six years before being rushed to hospital from her home in the Hollywood Hills on July 24, 2018.

The former child star who grew up with those other young pop goddesses Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus had ingested a dangerous cocktail of addictive painkillers that nearly killed her. It went straight to rehab from the hospital to get her problems with binge drinking, an eating disorder, and bipolar disorder under control.

Lovato never shies away from any subject in the documentary: “My doctors gave me another five to ten minutes before I would die. I’ve had so many lives. I am like a cat, this is my ninth life.”

God’s gift

Although the singer finds her new limitations annoying, she also sees them as a gift. “It reminds me every day that I never want to go back to that extremely dark period I was in then.”

“Everything happened for a reason, to teach me a lesson. It was a very painful journey, but I made it to the end. Sometimes it makes me sad when I think back to how I felt then. But I don’t regret anything and wouldn’t want to change anything about it. It made me who I am today.”

Eating Disorder

At the end of last year, Demi Lovato also spoke candidly about her nutrition problems for the first time during an interview with Ellen Degeneres. “For years, I was obsessed with what I ate,” she admitted.

“I had bulimia and didn’t look for the help I needed for a long time.” But when she finally got better, the outside world made it difficult for her. “My former team controlled everything I ate,” she explained.

“When I slept in a hotel, they took the phone out so I couldn’t order room service. If there was a bowl of fruit, it was also removed because it was extra sugars. So we are not talking about brownies and sweets, but about fruit! They even kept me from getting a birthday cake for years. What I got was a ‘watermelon pie’, which was really nothing more than a watermelon cut into the shape of a cake. That made me feel like I was fat, so I had a very bad self-image.”

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