Despite pandemic, Nigeria resumes domestic flights

Domestic passenger flights resumed in Nigeria more than three months after their suspension as part of measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

The airports in the capital Abuja and the Lagos shopping center have resumed operations. Other airports across the country will follow in the coming days.

A number of measures have been put in place to control the spread of the coronavirus – including the disinfection of passenger luggage and shoes, the mandatory wearing of a face mask at airports, hand washing before entering the terminal, and social distancing.

Authorities also say that only passengers are allowed to enter the terminal and that they must arrive at least three hours before their flight.

The reopening of airports for domestic flights is part of the gradual relaxation of the restrictions put in place to fight the coronavirus, in order to revive the country’s economy.

However, international flights remain suspended until further notice. The number of coronavirus cases in Nigeria continues to increase sharply on a daily basis. The country has so far recorded 29,879 cases of confirmed cases, 12,108 healings, and 669 deaths.

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