Details of the arrest of Diaba Sora, the Malian Kim Kardashian

Used to make the buzz on social networks, the famous Malian jetsetter Diaba Sora was arrested last Wednesday night and placed under a detention warrant by the court of the commune IV of the district of Bamako.

Diaba Sora is accused of insults on social networks, which she masters the various platforms on which millions of people worldwide follow her. Now, the Malian Kim Kardashian is meditating on her fate in the women’s prison of Bolé.

Details of the arrest of Diaba Sora, the Malian Kim Kardashian
©Instagram – Diaba Sora

She is one of the most influential young ladies on the African continent. Beautiful, seductive, and very rich, the Malian, who lived in the United States with her sisters Koudédia and Moussou, has taken over the social networks. Like the American socialite Kim Kardashian, Diaba Sora has decided to highlight what has propelled her to the top, her beauty. Indeed, the beautiful Keynesian never goes unnoticed.

With her dream body and perfect figure, the young woman takes malicious pleasure to reveal herself on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat… Moreover, she does not miss a single opportunity to display her madness curves or wealth, as was the case with Layla Kane Diallo.

On the other hand, Diaba Sora is often insulted by some of her compatriots on social networks, who think she is not a reference for Malian youth. Others even say that she has done nothing to deserve her fame. However, she never lacks the imagination to attract attention, like revealing the interior of her big house or filming her trips to Dubai with her two little sisters.

Diaba Sora recently presented her fans with her new Range Rover, she says, to silence her detractors. Often, she lets herself go in provocations, as was the case last Wednesday night when she began to insult others on social networks. This was the reason for her arrest and placement under a detention warrant by the court of the IV commune of the district of Bamako.

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