Do you recognize yourself in these things? Then you are probably an introvert

It’s not that you don’t like social contact, but you have to recharge afterwards. That is, among other things, one of the qualities most introverts have. Do you also have these qualities? Then there is a good chance that you are an introvert.

Maybe you’ve never thought about it that way, but now you’re wondering if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Do you recognize yourself in these things?

Are you introverted? According to these characteristics

Check if you are an introvert? Then these things are probably typical of you.

You are not necessarily shy

Shyness is often confused with introversion. That’s a shame, of course, because introverts often feel great in a group.

Do you not always feel like being in the spotlight, and do you need a little more time to warm up? Then you might be an introvert.

You can have a great time

Sometimes you don’t need other people at all to enjoy it. As an introvert, you sometimes like your own company more.

You like your ideas, and you can relax on your own or watch a movie. Sometimes people ask if it’s okay to be alone, but you don’t think so. You are rarely bored.

No small talk, please

A superficial conversation is probably not for you. Talking about small conversation is no problem for some people, but you are looking for a deeper connection than the coming party—a real introverted trait.

No unexpected visit

You just planned your day, and you know what you want to do all day. Sometimes with great care. Just as you are about to start, the bell rings and not the postman, but your girlfriend is at the door!

Maybe you weren’t prepared for this, or you don’t have the energy for it, and you are a bit disappointed about this. If someone visits you, it can confuse you. It can be fun, but you probably prefer someone to meet first. Do you also experience this? Then it may indicate that you are introverted.

You are easily distracted

You may also recognize this. Introverts process stimuli at a deeper level than extroverts. Certain sounds, such as a dripping tap or clatter, can become annoying.

You also prefer not to have your boss or colleague standing behind you while you are doing something. Recognizable? Maybe that has a logical reason.

Preference for 1-on-1 conversation

Although we said you might not mind a group, a 1-on-1 conversation is preferable. Introverts need a little more time to respond to and process what someone else is saying. In a group, this is a bit more difficult.

Charge it up

We already mentioned it: social contact is exhausting, and as an introvert, you need some time afterward. Probably big social events, like getting the whole family together for Christmas, aren’t your preference, if not because it’s not fun.

It takes a lot of energy, and as an introvert, you recharge on your own.

Annoying question

Do you often hear him? That question someone asks: “Are you okay?” Or maybe, “is there something? You’re so quiet.” You may be a little quiet, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going well. That question is getting pretty annoying.

Do you recognize yourself in these things? Then you are probably an introvert. That can be tricky in an extroverted world. Yet introverts have qualities that need to be recognized, which can also come in handy in the workplace. These introverted qualities are important at work.

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