6 things you can do if he doesn’t text you back

When you’re dating, it’s discouraging when a guy suddenly stops calling and texting. It’s very annoying, and you can’t just find out what happened without coming across as a psychopath. What would you do when you find yourself in such a situation? Here is what you can do!

Secretly you want to believe that something happened; for example, his phone was stolen, and he no longer has your number. Yet, the other part of your brain assumes a more realistic option: rejection. How do you deal with a man who doesn’t show up anymore? If you are here for the solution, read the tips below; they might help.

Don’t overload him with messages

The worst thing you can do is overload him with messages. Of course, it’s annoying not to get anything back from him, but whatever his reason is, with endless texts, phone calls, or Facebook messages, the situation will not improve anyway. You will only come across as a stalker.

Send a casual message to see how he’s doing

Haven’t received your last message for a few days? Please don’t panic; it’s quite acceptable to ask again how things are going. There’s probably more to it than just a busy day or a dead battery if you don’t get an answer.

If possible, try to see him face-to-face

Seeing him in person makes it much easier to read his vibes. It also allows you to look super good and remind him of what he’s missing.

Men are visual creatures, and sometimes they need a reminder of how amazing you are. If he’s acting aloof, at least you know something’s up.

Be careful who you complain to

Of course, it’s frustrating that you haven’t heard anything, but don’t go complaining to Rose and everyone. Before you know it, it comes through a roundabout way to him that you’ve been whining and makes the hear-say situation seem even more dramatic and pathetic than you are.

Don’t sit around and wait for him

If he ignores you, it’s easy to give up. Don’t wait for him; make sure you don’t get a panic attack with every sound your phone makes.

Have fun with friends, exercise, but don’t let him ruin your day. Be nice when he calls. If not, know that you have other options. You can spend your time better.

Accept it and move on with your life

Is he not responding anymore? Then it is probably one of those men who doesn’t dare to honestly say that something is wrong or that the timing is not right.

By not letting anyone know anymore, you have a much greater chance that it will be okay at a later time if you like it. A long, angry message won’t get you anywhere. Keep the credit to yourself.

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