Dog trace its owner to school, peek and wait til end [Photos]

The dog peeked several times through the window of the owner’s lounge and once it sees him, it assures herself by lying down and waited outside.

The animals are very close and affectionate with their owners, especially the dogs, which they call “the best friends of man” because of the faithfulness that can be achieved with people close to them. In this case, a dog went to its owner’s school and peeked through the window of the room with the aim of seeing its master, since it has missed its owner.

The web site, El debate, indicated that the unusual event occurred in General Secondary School at No. 9, Ciudad Victoria in Tamaulipas, Mexico. The photos were taken by a witness who passed by the place and has generated all kinds of reactions and comments among thousands of users on social networks

Dog trace its owner to school, peek and wait til ended [Photos]

In the images you can see the dog, which is entirely black in color, standing on a bench to try to observe the master through a totally barred window. Upon realizing that you could see absolutely nothing, the pet just managed to wait sitting on the seat for hours.

During all this time the dog was under intense heat so it had to change position several times. In another photo, you can see the pet lying on the floor, a few inches from the door of the classroom.

Dog trace its owner to school, peek and wait til ended [Photos]

The fact was shared in social networks going viral and generating all kinds of reactions and comments. The majority of netizens point out that this is how faithful all dogs are with their owners and others indicate that only animals really love.

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