Elephant avengers, Snakes in bathroom: Cities that animals constantly attack

It seems that a person sometimes forgets that he is not the only master of the planet and those wild animals literally coexist next to our cities and villages. Man constantly interferes with the animal world, makes a variety of living creatures migrate, changing the habitat.

Even though only the animal world suffers, and human society practically does not experience any discomfort, this state of affairs is precarious. It would help if you were prepared because the world of wild nature can strike back, as it regularly happens with some cities that were attacked by hordes of animals.

The reasons that can induce animals to go to a human habitat can be very different. It is not the best living conditions that push them to such an act. But the consequences of such intrusions can be very different, ranging from bloody, cruel and destructive to funny and cute incidents. In fairness, it is worth noting that the latter happens much less often. As a result, humans and animals alike have to make tremendous efforts to restore the previous balance or, more simply, protect their habitat from animal raids, including wild ones that pose a real danger.

1. Ravens Trying to Reconquer California (Pennsylvania, USA)

Ravens Trying to Reconquer California (Pennsylvania, USA)

Many have compared what is happening with the films of Alfred Hitchcock because what happened on the streets of the city really resembled a script from a horror movie. Thousands of crows from the air literally attacked a small American town, forcing its residents to come up with various ways to scare away unexpected birds.

It would seem that crows coexist with humans and live quite peacefully in megacities, but here we are talking about huge flocks that were clearly alarmed by something and sought refuge in the urban jungle, next to people. Their croaking drove the townspeople crazy, some compared these sounds to an incessant downpour hitting the roof, others compared it to an alarm clock that rings without stopping even at night.

The townspeople immediately began to demand that the authorities take some measures to restore peace. Employees of the local university complained about the inability to work fully, and car owners did not have time to wash their feces from their cars.

The birds behaved more and more impudently every day, practically not reacting to the attempts of people to drive them from their houses and trees. They just acted like it was their city and people didn’t exist. Residents tried to fight the crows and their insolence, with the help of stuffed animals, laser lights, but all this was unsuccessful, the birds conquered more and more space.

This began to threaten not only the peace of mind of the townspeople but also the local business. Many refused to travel to the city, knowing about this misfortune. And the townspeople themselves preferred to stay at home, not appearing once again on the street. In addition, crows negatively affected the infrastructure of the city, settling roofs, attics and parks, they interfered with the improvement of the city, covering everything with the products of their vital activity.

But this was not the worst, crows are carriers of many diseases, including infectious ones, so such a close proximity to a person was fraught with outbreaks of many diseases. Specialists got involved in solving the problem. It was they who proposed a method that was safe for both people and crows.

It turns out that this species of bird does not like the smell of smoke with the smell of grapes. For them, this smell is akin to the smell from a pepper spray for a person. Thanks to this, the crows quickly left the city. Why they flew in and what explains this interest is still not clear. It is also unpleasant that a lot of unpleasant stories are associated with crows, considering them harbingers of death and disease.

2. Bears getting food in Luchegorsk (Siberia, Russia)

Bears getting food in Luchegorsk (Siberia, Russia)

For residents of villages that border dense forests, it is not unusual for them to visit wild animals from time to time. But this usually applies to small villages and houses on the outskirts. And even more so, the attack of predators on a person in settlements is always an extraordinary event. Nevertheless, the animals entering the village behave as guests should, managing only in the barn.

A small urban-type settlement Luchegorsk is located near the border with China. In 2015 bears began to invade it, they did not just appear at night to steal but attacked people, seeing prey in them. By the time the townspeople sounded the alarm, there had already been 40 attacks. People were asked to stay at home until the situation stabilized, hunting groups were equipped, and several bears were shot.

Wild animals came to the human territory for a reason. For several years in a row, there was a poor harvest of pine nuts, the bears were driven to despair by hunger. The autumn food for bears in this area also includes acorns and Maak bird cherry, which bears eat at the end of summer. Autumn feed for these animals is extremely important. From what layer of fat they gain in the fall, it depends on how successfully they will survive the winter.

The increased food activity forced the bears to expand the circle of their food search significantly, they ransacked apiaries, local dumps and got to the settlement, which seemed very rich in food.

3. Camels in search of water (Australia)

Camels in search of water (Australia)

Camels were brought to Australia to be able to ride them over long distances in especially arid places. In fact, this is not unusual, because all over the world camels are used for this. However, the arid places of Australia have become too arid even for camels. Crazed with thirst, they came to the city to get water from the people. All would be fine, but there were 6 thousand heads.

They demolished fences, making their way to the water, drained containers with any water and moved on. They seemed unstoppable. The damage they brought was enormous, and the authorities decided that they needed to be fought with by shooting. Moreover, no one would have dared to go hunting with a gun, given the animals’ size and number. They were shot at from the air, having risen to the minimum height in a helicopter.

This measure, which seemed to protect the townspeople, caused a lot of anger among them. It is not surprising, because the man himself brought these huge animals to the country, and when they fulfilled their function, and it became possible to move around the arid regions by other transport, the camels became wandering, their population was no longer controlled in any way and grew. As a result of this campaign, more than a hundred thousand camels were killed. It took more than a year.

4. Wild boars that swim to Kakara (Japan)

Wild boars that swim to Kakara (Japan)

This story is rather opposed to the previous one, surprising with its humanity towards animals, but not people. A small number of residents literally languished from the invasion of wild boars. Moreover, unlike the Australians, the inhabitants of the islet did not bring wild boars to their place, the animals got by swimming from the neighboring land, having overcome not much, not a little, 3 kilometers on water.

Having settled in a new place, they began to reproduce actively, annually increasing their population. In this, they were much more ahead of the residents. After all, if the first were only a hundred people, then there were three times more wild boars. And with such a ratio, the advantage and victory could well have been for the four-legged.

The point in this matter has not yet been put, wild boars on local crops (they love potatoes and pumpkin) live at ease, managing, moreover, to raid the plantings of locals. For example, residents planted plants that were to be used later for cosmetology and attract tourists. But the wild boars did not allow them to grow, they almost completely destroyed all the plantings.

Locals have already set traps, but they gave practically no result, dogs are also not effective for scaring them away. The point is that if the population of wild boars cannot be taken under control, then the people themselves will have to be taken out of there.

Snakes as punishment (Ghana)

Snakes as punishment (Ghana)

But the inhabitants of the villages in Ejisu themselves are ready to flee from their homes because they are constantly meeting with black snakes. Although they have not been proven to be poisonous, finding them in your bathroom, under closets, and in other unexpected places is not the most pleasant experience.

Residents immediately began to catch them and kill them, even though the number of captured individuals has already exceeded several hundred, they still appear. The local population is sure that the snakes were sent as punishment from the gods for adultery because they appeared where the local youth made dates. For example, when a special team for catching snakes smoked this area, more than 300 snakes were collected! However, they also assured that the snakes were not poisonous. This, of course, makes it easier, but it is still a little pleasure in such a neighborhood.

Penguins of the Betty’s Bay (South Africa)

Penguins of the Betty’s Bay (South Africa)

Most of the world’s population saw penguins only in the picture and are sure that they are incredibly cute and funny creatures. Only those who were forced to endure their neighborhood do not agree with this point of view at all. The inhabitants of this bay are doubly lucky – this place was chosen not just by penguins but by an endangered species, and they come here in one of the most important periods – the mating season. Therefore, no one would have allowed them to be rudely scared away from this territory.

Penguins did not like the fences that the inhabitants built, they regularly destroyed them and entered their territory. In addition, the sounds they regularly made disturbed the peace and sleep of the inhabitants. Penguins are said to scream like donkeys.

It would seem that the authorities only managed to solve the problem with penguins and people when a new problem appeared – leopards began to attack penguins (an endangered species, we recall).

Revenge of the elephants in Jageloken (Liberia)

Revenge of the elephants in Jageloken (Liberia)

This case is considered to be the revenge of animals on people who destroyed the habitat of animals. Therefore, they came to destroy people’s homes. Elephants not only destroyed buildings but also destroyed coffee plantations, causing colossal damage.

On the eve of this raid, people cut down trees near the place where elephants lived. These animals would have enough intelligence to build causal relationships and go to take revenge on people. By the way, now, although there is a ban on felling trees in the region, locals continue to harvest timber by illegal felling wherever necessary.

Bears are asking for food in Churchill (Canada)

Bears are asking for food in Churchill (Canada)

The melting glaciers in this region have forced polar bears to look for new places to hunt. So they went out into the city to the people. Although a hungry polar bear is an extremely dangerous phenomenon and most people know about it, these wild animals attracted tourists to the city. Many fed “cute bears” than spoiled wild animals. Now there are many more of them, and they are waiting for food.

However, tourists and food are not always there, no wonder that bears began to attack people. Increasingly, white bears began to go out onto human paths and frighten passers-by. The authorities allowed hunting for this species of animals, thereby hoping to reduce their population.

The inviolable bats in Batemans Bay (Australia)

The inviolable bats in Batemans Bay (Australia)

It is no wonder that in Australia, people most often encounter attempts by the animal world to invade their territory. Considering the richness of the natural world of this continent. So, in the city of Batemans Bay, residents were unpleasantly surprised that their houses and trees were covered with bats. Moreover, they strove to fly into all open windows, to get inside buildings and premises. And, of course, they did it.

The population tried to scare away uninvited guests, but they did not react to the noise, and shooting and other harsh methods were prohibited since this species of mice is considered endangered. People had no choice but to stay in their homes. Millions of dollars have already been spent on getting rid of bats.

Millions of frogs in Oconto (USA)

Millions of frogs in Oconto (USA)

Perhaps the most massive animal invasion of the city happened in 1952 in the United States. According to superficial estimates, the number of frogs has reached 180 million. If divided by the number of inhabitants of the town, the ratio will be 1 in 35 thousand frogs. There were so many of them that it was difficult to move around the city, and when the townspeople drove by car, the sounds of bursting bubbles were constantly heard – they had to go directly over the frogs.

Every evening, any lantern was reflected in thousands of frog eyes, and the inhabitants literally went crazy with such “guests”. The reason for this phenomenon was the high humidity, due to which such a huge number of frogs were born. After the dampness subsided, the frogs began to disappear. Then it was announced that frogs were needed for research, and they will be bought. It was then that the real hunt began for the frogs already disappearing from the city. By the way, at the moment, the frog of this species (leopard) is under the threat of extinction.

In how quickly the animals are ready to occupy the territories that people will liberate, it was possible to quarantine. All over the world, animals began to appear in cities and nearby territories, while the townspeople themselves were locked in their apartments. In the same Australia, every now and then strive to break into kangaroos, which are not only afraid of people but can easily coexist with them, knowing that they always have food and water. As a last resort, you can always gnaw the lawn and other plantings.

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