Ethiopia completes second filling of the Great Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia has completed the second filling of the Great Renaissance Dam, Ethiopian public television announced on Monday, which showed footage of the mega-dam.

The Ethiopian government informed its Egyptian and Sudanese counterparts in early July of the start of the second filling of this large dam, on the eve of a meeting of the Security Council held at the request of Cairo and Khartoum, which demanded a binding global agreement on the filling and operation of this large dam.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has repeatedly reaffirmed that the second filing will take place in this rainy season, noting that his country does not intend to harm downstream countries.

The gigantic Renaissance dam should be remembered, with a reservoir of 74 billion m3, 155 meters high and 1.8 km long, will have a power of 6,000 megawatts after completion of the works, which will allow covering all of Ethiopia’s electricity needs.

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