Explorers have terrifying encounter with Bigfoot [Video]

One of the explorers encountered a terrifying creature he identified as bigfoot. Though, the diverse cultures share a myth in common that speaks of the existence of a mysterious being, like Bigfoot, that inhabits hidden places like forests or mountains, but the little verifiable evidence that revolves around it turns into a story that is explained in bonfires.

In spite of everything, there are numerous ‘Bigfoot’ sightings around the world like a recent video in Utah documenting, another vision of this hairy creature was spotted.

A group of friends was surprised when one of them saw a strange-looking figure of Bigfoot, with enormous stature in the mountains northeast of Provo. One of the witnesses said: “Seriously, look how big it is. I think it’s a Bigfoot.” Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a name of Australian origin with which some call this being.

The recording shows a large dark creature moving through the mountain; In fact, a young man named Austin Craig, who witnessed this sighting, decided to keep looking for evidence of Bigfoot on the mountain, but found nothing.

The state of Utah is considered one of the points where more evidence is concentrated on this legendary creature; A woman several years ago presented a series of photographs of a huge and hairy being of Bigfoot.

Since 1958 there have been reports of sightings of Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, near California; however, they were denied in 2002 by the witness’s grandchildren who claimed that everything had been part of a joke by his grandfather Jerry Crew. In spite of everything, the American mountain and the forests are still the favourite places of this legend that continues to speak.

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