Faithful dog dies 15 minutes after the owner (25) dies of cancer

A young cancer patient and his beloved dog died just 15 minutes apart. 25–year–old Stuart Hutchison has been fighting aggressive cancer in his brain since 2011 but lost that battle surrounded by his family this month. Fifteen minutes after the man died, his beloved French bulldog never left his owner’s side, also died.

In 2011, Young Stuart was first told the terrible verdict: aggressive cancer had been found in his brain. Supported by his family, the Scot bravely fought the cancer, but he relapsed in 2014. After a hellish struggle of trial and error, the man was told he was improving. Until, in 2018, he got the hard message that the cancer had returned.

Earlier that year, Stuart was married to Danielle, who supported him during the arduous trial. His dogs, too, were a great help to Stuart. The couple had three dogs in total, but according to Danielle, there was still a special bond between Stuart and Nero. The two were inseparable. If you saw Nero, you saw Stuart and vice versa, she testifies to Metro.

©Hutchison family/SWNS

Chemo works

The couple was told in March that the chemo was finally successful and that there was an improvement in sight. To celebrate, the overjoyed couple traveled to Spain. But their happiness was short-lived.

Barely a month later, Stuart suddenly experienced severe pain in his hand. The doctors said he shouldn’t worry, but in June the pain spread to his entire arm. A new scan showed that the cancer had spread throughout his brain and bones.

Surrounded by family and dogs

The man was still being treated in the hospital, but the therapies could no longer benefit. That is why Stuart returned to his parental home in Scotland last month to die peacefully where he was born.

Four weeks later the young man died surrounded by his family. “We took care of him at home. It was expected, but it is still a shock and traumatic when it finally happens,” says the mother emotionally to Metro.

When Danielle’s father drove to his daughter and Stuart’s home to get her glasses, he noticed that Nero was acting strangely. Because the dog had no health problems before, he brought him to the vet. A spinal injury was found there. Nero died fifteen minutes later. According to the parents, Stuart’s wife is having a very difficult time. “Danielle is broken, now that she lost them, but she is so strong,” it sounds.

Faithful dog dies 15 minutes after the owner (25) dies of cancer
©Facebook/@Stuart Hutchison – Stuart and his dog were inseparable.

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