Family of bullied Quaden (9) refuses money for trip to Disneyland

Thousands of dollars have been raised to give the bullied Quaden Bayles (9) from Australia a gift to Disneyland. The dwarfed boy was overloaded with support last week after his mother shared a video showing how he wished he weren’t there after the umpteenth harassment. The trip to Disneyland had to offer him comfort, but his family now thanks for it. “Give everything to charity,” it sounds.

Quaden has been bullied all his life for his height. After the umpteenth fact, his distraught mother, Yarraka, posted a gripping video on social media last week to show the devastating impact. “I want someone to kill me,” you hear the boy crying. “Give me a knife. I’m going to kill myself.”

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The moving images released a lot, and the boy received statements of support from all over the world, including from the American comedian Brad Williams, who himself also has dwarfism. He started an online money collection to comfort Quaden for a weekend in Disneyland. “This is not just for Quaden,” said Williams. “This is for anyone who has ever been bullied and was told that he or she was not good enough. Let us show that there is also good in the world.”

The aim was to fly the boy and his mother to Los Angeles and let them spend a few days in the amusement park in Anaheim. The money that was left would go to charities that work on bullying and abuse. The response was overwhelming. In the meantime, more than 433,000 dollars are in the account, and the donations continue to flow in.

The Bayles family has now indicated, according to various Australian media, that they would prefer the money to go to charity. “Which child would not want to go to Disneyland, especially if you have led the life of Quaden,” said the boy’s aunt, Mundanara.

“But my sister wants us to remember what it is really about. We, therefore, want the money to go to charities that really need it. They know how the money is best spent. So no matter how much we would like to go to Disneyland, I don’t think our community will benefit from that.”

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