German WAGs accept a strange proposal to sell their panties

Two German football WAGs accepted the offers of a rancid fan to sell their used underwear online. The player women want to spend the proceeds on charity. Their followers may decide what that is.

Mira Zuber and Ina Aogo often post somewhat spicier photos on their Instagram account. With 31,400 and 94,100 followers respectively, this does not go unnoticed. Women sometimes receive fairly immoral proposals.

In the last episode of their podcast ‘Spielerfrauen On Air’, the two agreed to take on the challenge of a desperate fan. The women of VfB Stuttgart players, Steven Zuber and Dennis Aogo, are willing to put their used underwear on the market.

“Do you know the ‘Tangasammler’? It really exists and has its own account on Instagram,” Zuber started the podcast. “He asked me without hesitation whether I am willing to sell my thong as well. Apparently, there are people who would like it. But I would only do it for a good cause.”


“That’s a good idea,” her colleague WAG Ina Aogo added. “How much could we ask for one slip? Because we are known figures, we can probably earn more from it than others. Still, it is a strange thought to sell my worn underwear. We could also just give them away.” But the Miss Switzerland finalist in 2014 did not agree. “Why would we give them away if we can make money from it? We only sell them for charity. Followers must decide what that will be.”

“I think socks and feet are dirty, but strings go one step further,” Aogo noted. “That is even disgusting because such a piece of textile was between your buttocks,” the Swiss decided laughing.

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