Happy together: secrets of a successful relationship

The statistics are relentless: 7 out of 10 couples break up. We will tell you how to save the situation and keep a happy and lasting union.

70% of breakups and divorces can be avoided if both partners use the “four rules for a successful relationship” in their daily lives.

Give feedback

For a relationship to be happy, there must be good communication in the couple. The main mistake: you do not need to regularly and in detail tell how your day went. Excessive passion for oneself over time leads to a loss of interest on the part of the partner.

Feedback is communication. Ask and listen to the chosen one. When you are genuinely interested in what is happening in each other’s lives, both feel good.

Don’t be afraid to express all your feelings

A vital secret of a successful relationship: do not hide your reaction to specific actions from the “second half.” Tell your partner what gesture and action he does that gives you pleasure and what, on the contrary, causes rejection and discomfort. Talk about it calmly and sincerely. Don’t expect an answer or reaction from him; tell him.

For example, if your loved one made you angry during a meeting with friends, then at home or the next day

, plainly explain to him what exactly in his behavior caused a storm of negative emotions in you. Then change the topic of the conversation. Your partner will think about the problem and, if he loves you, will behave differently next time.

Smile more often

A smile is an expression of well-being and happiness. Isn’t that what you want from your relationship? Watch comedies together, tell jokes, make humorous comments, look for any excuse to make you smile. A sense of humor is undoubtedly an excellent fuel for a long-term relationship.

Touch each other every day

The rulebook for a successful relationship would be incomplete without physical contact. Every day, you must demonstrate affection for each other with the help of your body: a sincere hug, an unexpected kiss, a walk by the hand, gentle touches on his shoulders.

Hugging, kissing, patting on the back – all these gestures strengthen the relationship. Let them become a pleasant habit for both, and you will see how over time, love will only grow and grow stronger. Be sure to tell your loved one about the secrets of a successful relationship and start practicing.

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