Heartbreaking joke: Parents trick their kids for Xmas gift [video]

Parents played a trick on their children for Christmas. Instead of a PlayStation 5, they put books, shoes, and papers inside the console box, shutting off the whistle. The video went viral after it was posted on Instagram on December 23.

This is called making a bad joke. Parents cheated on their children about their Christmas present. Video of their reaction went viral.

Posted on December 23 on Instagram, the sequence with more than 191,000 views in two days shows two teenagers fighting over a Christmas present.

They tear the packaging slightly and start screaming with joy at the sight of the PlayStation 5 console logo.

Over-excited, the children struggle to open the box. But amazement when they finally succeed: instead of a new game console, they find inside books, a pair of shoes, and papers.

The excitement subsides. The two boys are stunned while their parents are hilarious.

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