9 beautiful and ecological ways to wrap Christmas presents

Who says your love for the environment and Christmas presents can’t go hand in hand? This year, wrap your gifts with these resourceful methods that are beautiful and sustainable. This way, you are kind to your loved ones, your wallet, and the planet.

Although it’s the nicest time of the year, Christmas is often a waste of time. Consider, for example, the food scraps that end up in the waste bin after the parties – because we always provide far too much – or the enormous amounts of wrapping paper that go into the waste after one-time use.

Nobody is perfect, but by avoiding unnecessary gift wrapping (where you can!), You can go a long way. Do you also want to contribute to a zero-waste world? Check out these cool ways to wrap your gifts, which are a lot more original than classic wrapping paper, by the way.

1. Pages from old books

Is your attic also full of old books that most likely no one will ever read again? With this, you have found a purpose for it! Finish with colorful details like the one above for a romantic effect.

2. Old fabrics

Fabric scraps from the old box often have original, colorful prints and can therefore perfectly serve as wrapping paper. Do you have nothing left at home? Just about every second-hand store has a grab bag with scarves and the like that cost next to nothing. Do you want to turn it into a beautifully folded piece of art? Then use the Japanese Furoshiki method.

3. (Old) maps

Because honestly, who still uses paper maps since the invention of Google Maps?! The old paper map will help and also be useful as a Christmas gifts wrap

4. Kraft paper


Kraft paper is a strong, high-quality paper that can be easily recycled. Less is more, isn’t it? You order it on almost all webshops with paper products. Are you concerned that the brown paper will not appeal to young children? These examples illustrate how creative you can be in decorating kraft paper packages.

5. Old newspapers and magazines

Instead of just consuming digital news, we also enjoy reading newspapers and magazines. But what do you do once you devour them? Recycle as wrapping paper!

6. Cardboard boxes

9 beautiful and ecological ways to wrap Christmas presents

Make up for your online shopping addiction by saving and reusing the boxes from your orders. Brighten up with stickers, ribbons, paint, pearls, or other craft supplies that you probably still have somewhere.

7. The inside of a potato chip bag

Admittedly, after eating a bag of chips, we prefer to get rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. Therefore, this method is suitable for the most motivated among us, but the result is impressive. The shiny, silver interior of a crisp bag is the perfect alternative to wrapping paper.

How does it work? Carefully cut the bag open along the seam. Wash the inside with soap, press flat (possibly by placing a stack of books on it), and let dry.

8. Tote bags

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Since reusable shop bags were introduced a few years ago, they have become an indispensable part of our daily life. But be honest, how many of those fabric shoppers do you have at home? You don’t need more than five copies. You can use everything else to wrap your gift. Choose your best totes, and that’s how you give a gift in a present!

9. Be creative!

9 beautiful and ecological ways to wrap Christmas presents
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Do you think it all still looks a bit too sober? Then take a look at these ideas that will immediately make your package a lot more fun. Draw, crib, or paint on your package to your heart’s content. Or use Mother Nature to upgrade your packages in an ecological way.

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