Here are 10 things that make more and more couples get divorced

Many people perceive marriage counseling with the assumption that they will divorce, but going to a specialist does not necessarily mean the end of love.

Still, some of these signs may be a better indicator that things are terrible and that your marriage is over.

1. Too much attachment

A strong start can be a sign of highly great love, but if the level of affection between couples changes too much during the first two years of marriage, they are more likely to separate.

2. Different expectations

In some cases, one of the partners, especially the women, after entering the marriage, expects to spend 24 hours a day with the partner every day and go to dinner often. In addition, such people expect lavish gifts, dates, and trips, so they usually remain disappointed and hurt.

3. Lack of communication

You’ve probably already heard that communication is the key to a successful relationship. This is confirmed by research that says that frequent separation and inability to talk are the two most common reasons couples break up.

4. Financial problems

If you haven’t talked about your plans, desires, and interests often before getting married, you need to be aware that these crucial issues will come up very quickly. When it comes to money, you need to know that it is related to almost all important decisions.

5. Trust

Sometimes it happens that your partner stops being “your safe haven,” you feel vulnerable, and you don’t have someone to trust endlessly. Open conversations about needs can help you regain lost faith in someone or another build trust.

6. Addiction

No matter what the addiction is, the partner facing the addiction must be ready for change, while the other partner must provide him with support

, compassion, and patience. Things cannot be fixed until the root of the problem is resolved, and a concerted effort is made to work consistently on these issues.

7. Different interests

When a couple no longer has common interests, one of them, or both, will often look for something to fill that gap. In some cases, you may find a new hobby or sport where you meet a new society, and love can happen, but it can be even worse in other cases. One of the partners gets into problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, excessive shopping, or illegal business.

8. Education

Couples who have children often have different opinions when it comes to their upbringing. Precisely because of the well-being of children, more and more couples are divorcing and remaining in friendly relations to enable children a better and simpler life.

9. Excessive criticism

Many couples come to therapy with the attitude “we have to work on communication,” but in fact, they do not have mutual respect. When partners lose respect for each other, it manifests itself in the way they communicate. They stop talking about important things, discuss irrelevant topics, and have superficial conversations with no end or solutions.

10. Neglect

Whether it’s neglecting each other or ignoring problems, neglect always leads to a breakup. Neglecting a loved one is a clear sign that it is over, and if you ignore the issues, at some point, you will break down, and that will be the end. The solution is to engage a third, neutral party to help you communicate properly and with a cool head

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