“I’m not a child”: Bartender refuses to serve alcohol to actor Don Little (23)

Nature palava: The bartender ignored the request of an actor (23). Don little asks for alcohol but his body size confused the barman. “Take a Pepsi.”

Famous Ghanaian actor Don Little is currently on vacation in the United States. It is his first trip abroad since he became famous. To have fun, the young actor went to a bar to buy alcohol, but the bartender refused to sell it to him.

“I’m not a child”: Bartender refuses to serve alcohol to actor Don Little (23)
Instagram – Actor Don Little

“You don’t want to sell me alcohol?” I don’t like Pepsi, I’m not a child,” said Don Little.

He refused to serve alcohol to the movie star because US law prohibits alcoholic beverages for people under the age of 21. The Ghanaian actor is over 21, but the bartender still refused to sell it to him despite insisting that he is not a child.

“Life is so much more freeing when you’re not controlled by what people say, you’re not offended when someone is rude, you’re not sour when traffic is bad, you’re not upset because the flight is delayed.”

During the interview in 2017, he revealed that “people see me to be a small boy, but I’m not. I am 20years.” Currently, he will be above 22 years old. “I have slept with 5 [ladies], which is the least, and I don’t want to say all. I don’t like ladies with small buttocks. I like fat ladies with big buttocks,” Don little concluded.

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