Italy’s most infamous playboy slept with more than 6,000 women

The Romeo of Rimini also known as Maurizio Zanfanti or simply Zanza, to ‘zanzara’, the mosquito, notorious to Sweden, where a wax statue stands. Zanza did a great job and a lot: with more than 6,000 women. But his favorite occupation has made him fatal last night. Maurizio Zanfanti died of a heart attack, after a last romp with a 23-year-old Romanian tourist, whom he had known for several years.

Maurizio Zanfanti started his almost mythical career in the famous Italian seaside resort of Rimini as ‘buttadentro’ of night club Blow up, the reverse of a buttafuori, a flip flop. During the 70s, he was only 17. As an ‘inner whipper’ he chanted women in the street and tried to chatter the nightclub. “I think I have made more promotion for tourism on the Adriatic coast than hundreds of tourism agencies together,” he said. But the tourists turned out to be more interested in Zanfanti himself than in the nightclub. In a successful summer, he shared the sheets with between 150 and 200 ladies. He liked to boast with his record: 207. In all, there are more than 6,000 beauties in his bed, especially Northern European. His secret? Leave the initiative to the ladies themselves.

In the winter he also worked for Scandinavian travel agencies. Zanza was so popular that some of the bedfellows from a Swedish village even had a wax statue of him. Already in 1986, the newspaper L’Espresso called Zanfanti “Italy’s most successful lover”. King of the land of ‘Latin lovers’, faute le faire. 28 years later he found it enough and he announced his retirement at the age of 59 in Bild. But apparently, he does not definitively secure his decorative tricks.

In the back of the car

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, he has sexual relations for the last time with the feminine beauty he loved. With a reportedly stunning Romanian escort lady, whom he had known for a long time and with whom he had already gone out before. But his now 63-year-old, the heart could no longer cope with the 23-year-old in the back of his car at the Via Pradella in Rimini, where he has a farm site. When she was getting dressed again, Zanfanti became unwell.

It was his se3x partner himself who called emergency services, but they could not resuscitate Zanza. The most infamous playboy in Italy was no longer. It can be imagined that the Italian media were right about “Maurizio Zanfanti could not have wished for a better death”. The mayor of Rimini called the deceased a “legend of the night”.

Zanza mastered the art of seduction like no other. His Bon Jovi haircut, his luxuriant chest hair with the matching necklace, his sun-tanned skin, his powerful cheekbones, the man in his heyday in the 70s-80s had almost everything from the stereotypical Latin lover, say the Italian macho. Although he was ‘only’ 1.71 meters tall, other dimensions are not known.

Nine children

He proudly claimed that he had never seen a gym inside. He did a lot of training in bed, he laughed. A first time already at twelfth. The playboy liked to play with his conquests, said he loved each of them. There would also be children from nine of them. He focused on three things in his life, he stated: “women, women, and women again”.

The heart of Rimini’s Romeo is therefore no longer valid for them. Maurizio Zanfanti, the Mosquito, had another nickname: “il re dei vitelloni romagnoli” or king of the “great calves” of Romagna. A reference to the award-winning film ‘I vitelloni’ by director Federico Fellini. It is about five young people in their thirties with great plans but who are wasting their time on the Adriatic coast with the breaking of women’s hearts. Their high season was the summer on the coast, the rest of the year they just waited there. A human species that now seems to have died out with the last ‘vitellone’ Zanza.

Thousands of sympathy reactions were already coming to the death of Maurizio Zanfanti. He will be buried on Saturday.

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