Jenny SuShe hires lawyer after kiss with Kubrat Pulev

“The journalist was a friend and she could laugh”, was the reaction of Kubrat Pulev, one of the best heavyweights in the world, to the bizarre interview that he ended with a full kiss on Jenny SuShe’s mouth. But the American thinks differently. She hires a notorious lawyer: Gloria Allred, who has already dealt with many well-known and controversial cases involving mainly women’s rights.

“When I then stepped to a table to grab my things, he grabbed my butt with his two hands to pinch them,” Jenny SuShe added.

The heavyweight Pulev (37), good for 27 victories and barely one defeat (against Vladimir Klitschko), had beat a Romanian boxer in California last weekend. But especially in an interview with a journalist from Vegas Sports Daily, he asserted himself. When asked if he was now ready for a camp with Tyson Fury, he kissed her on the lips. There was not much going on for Pulev. “Jenny is a friend and after the interview, I was so excited that I kissed her. You don’t have to look for more than that,” was Pulev’s reaction afterward. “We laughed and thanked each other, later that evening she accompanied me along with some friends during a party.”

A completely different story at SuShe which, yes, besides being a journalist, is also a sushi chef. She claimed to be “shocked and ashamed”. “I didn’t immediately know how to respond. It was the first time I saw him. It didn’t stop there, by the way. When I then stepped to a table to grab my things, he grabbed my buttocks with his two hands to pinch them. At that party, he asked me to remove the kiss from the interview. But because I think his behavior is really unacceptable, I just posted it,” she read in a statement.

According to the American entertainment website TMZ, SuShu is now hiring Gloria Allred to sue Pulev. “With these, we ask the committee to immediately open an investigation into these serious allegations,” she wrote in a letter to the California Athletes Committee. “We ask for Mr. Pulev’s boxing license to be revoked.”

Jenny SuShe hires a lawyer after kiss with Kubrat Pulev
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