Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in the clinch: “you crossed the line”

Her feud with Katy Perry is finally over, but it is possible that Taylor Swift has now started a fight with Justin Bieber. The two are in conflict about manager Scooter Braun, who represents Bieber.

The manager, who in addition to Bieber also has Kanye West and Ariana Grande in his stable, has bought record label Big Machine Records. He became the owner of all the music that Swift made this year. In a post on Tumblr, the singer reacted furiously and claimed, among other things, that Braun has been harassing her for years. “I can only think of the relentless, manipulative teasing that he has been heading my way for years.”

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in the clinch: “you crossed the line”

According to Swift, Scooter is behind the whole fuss between Kanye West and herself. “Like when Kim Kardashian leaked an illegally recorded phone call, or when his client Kanye West made a revenge porn music video in which he showed me naked. And then Scooter brought him together with Justin Bieber to ridicule me on social media.”

The singer talks about the aftermath of the song Famous and the accompanying Kanye West video clip. The rapper Taylor mentions a bitch in the song. When she claimed she never agreed, Kanye’s wife Kim posted a video chat online in which the rapper and the singer discussed the song. It never mentioned that specific passage. Later, Braun posted a picture of himself, Justin and Kanye, with Justin writing, “Hi, Taylor, how are you?”

“The legacy of my music thus falls into the hands of someone who did his utmost to destroy it,” said Swift. “And I didn’t even get the chance to buy my own music. Fortunately, I am now part of a label that does believe that I am entitled to my own work.” Taylor says that she posts her post to warn less experienced musicians. “Hopefully a young artist or a child with a dream will read this and learn to protect themselves better during negotiations. You should always be the owner of your artistic expressions.”

In the breach

Bieber then jumped into the breach for his manager and posted an old photo of him and Swift on Instagram. He wrote that he thought she had crossed the border by attacking Braun like that. The singer started his speech by apologizing for the joke he once made about Swift and she mentioned it in her post as one of Braun’s many pests.

He then said, however, that his manager had nothing to do with the comment, and that he was disappointed that she had expressed her anger on social media. “You know that if you post that, your fans will attack Scooter,” said Bieber. The singer invites his colleague to discuss the matter privately with him and Braun. “Neither Scooter nor I have anything negative to say about you, and we sincerely want the best for you.”

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