Kenya: a new attack on justice

Some see it as a new attack on justice.

A  lawyer filed a complaint in Parliament.

It calls for the dismissal of seven members of the Judicial Service Commission, the JSC, an institution that helps to maintain the independence and probity of justice.

Among those targeted, are the President of the Supreme Court who had canceled the election of President Kenyatta last August.

Adrian Kamotho Njenga accuses seven members of the Judicial Service Commission of incompetence and gross misconduct.

According to him, the JSC would lead a witch hunt against judges who do their job well, he says.

A reference to the five investigations that the Commission has recently opened against magistrates.

This case is very much talked about, because among the seven people involved is David Maraga, the president of the Supreme Court.

However, according to the Daily Nation newspaper, the lawyer who initiated the complaint had applied to become a member of parliament under the presidential banner Jubilee last year.

Many suspect a maneuver of power to undermine the judiciary and take a vengeance against the Supreme Court that nullified the president’s victory in the August election.

Right after, had also announced that the judicial system would be revised.

In recent weeks, authorities have repeatedly challenged the authority of judges. Refusing to apply multiple verdicts concerning opponents.

In mid-February, the secretary general of the Jubilee party had even written directly to David Maraga to accuse the justice of bias.

The case will be examined by the Parliament, mostly in power. Members may decide to take the case to court or not to proceed.

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