Kim Kardashian under fire for dark touch in photoshoot: “This is blackface!”

Kim Kardashian (39) is again firmly under fire after the appearance of a new photoshoot. Many followers think that her skin color looks much darker than usual.

Kim Kardashian features on the cover of the American magazine “7 Hollywood” and proudly shared that with her followers. It wasn’t long before voices were heard that felt that the skin color of the reality star looks dark. “This is literally blackface,” responds an indignant follower.

“This is not cool or cute. No, I don’t feel honored as a black woman. Some people fear us because of our color. They hate us and treat us badly. And you want to wear our skin color as an accessory? If only our fight was over!,” Writes an angry Twitter person.

Some fans give a headwind and say that it depends on the editing and the incidence of light from the photos. “She has been using spray tan for years, and do not forget that she is of Armenian descent,” is added. Kim herself did not respond to all the fuss yet.

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