Lottowinner (23) is looking for a boyfriend to pay €69,000 per year

Luck in the game is bad luck in love, says the proverb. Jane Park (23) can talk about it. On her 17th the Scottish won 1 million pounds with Euromillions, but in love it is not easy. After a number of failed relationships, she now hopes to find the man of her dreams. And she wants to give him a lot of pocket money.

She is young, blond and rich. Jane Park (23) suddenly became known in 2013 as ‘youngest British millionaire’. She was only 17 at the time and won € 1.15 million with Euromillions. She spent her fortune so far mainly on a beautiful car, a luxurious apartment and new breasts.

Her problem is that she does not find the right life partner. She was together with X Factor finalist Sam Callahan but caught him cheating and broke with the artist. She had a relationship with footballer Jordan Piggott, but that also ended in a minor.

That is why she is now taking a different approach. She wants to pay her dream money 60,000 pounds per year, almost 69,000 euros. “Jane is willing to pay the right price for someone who is loyal,” it sounds. “With that money, the lucky can eat her regularly, and pay a drink.”

The young millionaire has launched a website on which candidates can report. According to the British newspaper The Mirror, a documentary about Jane’s quest for her dream can be played. That could be viewed on television in 2019.

There is no shortage of prospective friends: in the space of 24 hours ten thousand men have already registered via the website. On Instagram, Jane received 20,000 followers in one day. Who wants to participate, must explain why he fits Jane well, and what he would spend the 69,000 euros on.


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