Love addiction: how to get rid of it

People meet, people fall in love, get married. But not always. Sometimes obstacles appear in the path of two lovers. Quarrels, conflicts, misunderstandings, jealousy – all this leads to the fact that you experience only pain and suffering from the relationship, but you cannot get out of them – all the time, it seems that everything is not so bad.

If you begin to feel this, we hasten to tell you that your relationship has a terrible love addiction diagnosis. And you are in a so-called toxic relationship, which is not built on love.

We will tell you about the main signs of love addiction and how to get rid of it.

But first, let’s find out and define the signs that indicate that you have become addicted to a person:

  • All your thoughts are only about him. You write to him, call him, impose on your meetings, although you see and sink that he has lost interest in you.
  • You have no idea how you could have lived without him before.
  • The mere thought that he will disappear from your life terrifies you.
  • You are ready to devote all your time to him at the expense of your family, friends, and relatives.
  • You know for sure that you will not love anyone else as much as you do him.
  • You idolize him and are sure that there is no one better than him in this world, and you are ready for anything so as not to lose this person.
  • You are ready to violate your principles, act against your will, endure all humiliation, and maybe even physical violence, if only he were always there.

If you have 100% hits on all these points, unfortunately, you are in a toxic relationship; the only way out of this is to run and forget everything like a bad dream. Yes, it will be difficult, but stop engaging in self-violence, stop bending under it, be afraid to say something unnecessary, and forgive everything.

In such a relationship, you play the role of a victim, a woman about whom he wipes his feet, humiliates, insults, and, even worse, to whom he is assaulting. And if you’re still in doubt about whether or not your relationship needs to be ended, or whether it’s toxic or not, read about the early signs!

What is the future of such a relationship !? Yes, no! Sooner or later, he will turn around and leave, leaving you alone with your problem, downtrodden, humiliated, without your opinion and point of view. Do you want to change your personal life for the better? Then run away before it’s too late, but don’t turn around!

And we will show you how to do it correctly and with the slightest loss.

10 rules to get rid of love addiction

The main thing is to want this yourself and take the path of changing your life for the better!

Break contacts

The first thing you should do without delay is close the door behind his back and remove all of his contacts. Block his phone number in all messengers. Don’t forget social media. There are also blocklists there. With pride and glee in your soul, send him to the ban! Cut off all paths so that he cannot reach you in any way.

It is often difficult for us to decide on such a cardinal step because there is still a glimmer of hope in our souls “what if … he will understand / change/start to love, appreciate… ..” (choose the right one) – but no. He will not change. He can change only for the first time so that you again relax and begin to “miss” small attacks in your direction and then more significant ones.

So if your goal is to break up with this person once and for all (and not “be capricious” and make him bend for a while), put him on the blocklist boldly.

Forget about his social media existence

You don’t need to check the updates on his page every day. Where is he? Who is he with? What is he doing? You will start flipping through his tape, remembering, twisting your relationship in your head, and want to return everything back. That won’t do! Your choice has been made! No step back!

Our brain is designed in such a way that in such moments when relations are broken, only good moments come to mind: passionate nights, travel together, joyful adventures, and his gifts. Many people use this trick and drag on toxic relationships for years, torturing themselves. But now you know!

Out of general sight pictures

As soon as you decide that he has no place in your heart, immediately clean the phone’s memory from pictures taken with him. Remove all shared photos from the frames in the house, if any. You should not return to this story; torment your already wounded soul with memories.

And don’t be fooled! Do not hide a single photo with him for memory. The point has been set; there is no turning back!

Stop thinking about him

And if suddenly you are overwhelmed by memories, then learn to switch to something else, more pleasing to the eye and soul. And let it become a habit with you.

Not a word about him!

Neither in conversation with friends nor with loved ones should you mention your painful experience with your ex. And if suddenly a topic about him inadvertently pops up, immediately change it to a more pleasant one.


Start doing things that you never had time for because of him and this unhealthy relationship. Sign up for fitness, dancing, handicrafts, cooking, so that will please you. But first, take all your time with work and career to the maximum, so that there is no free time to think about him.

No songs, films, and books about love

Treat yourself to driving music that lifts your spirits, read books that motivate you to succeed. Psychology books will not be excessive, which will allow you to increase your self-esteem and teach you to live in a new way.

More friends

Now you have time for them. After parting, you should not close yourself to four walls and cry. So you will only aggravate the situation and completely undermine your already shattered psyche. Chat with new people, make new acquaintances, walk with your friends, travel to interesting places, do not shy away from men.

If you’re asked out on a date, don’t hesitate to go. What if this is your chance to break this vicious circle and be happy. Accept compliments; they will help you boost your self-esteem and cheer you up. Not everything is lost! There will also be a holiday on your street. Trust me!

List the negatives of Your ex-relationship

It will not take you a day, two, or even a week to forget everything. There will be times when you want to remember all the good things that happened between you. In this case, prepare a piece of paper and immediately list all the suffering, pain, and negativity that abounded. This will more than cover all the good memories that come up. And he will immediately let you go!

Take care of yourself

And this is perhaps the nicest item on this list. How long have you been making drastic changes to your appearance? Maybe you’ve wanted to change your hair color for a long time? By the way, they say, if you want to change something in your life, start with your hair. Don’t want to experiment with color, then can you change your haircut? Make a square? How do you like this idea? How long have you been updating your wardrobe? It probably contains all those things that remind you of the past.

Maybe you should spit and start life from scratch in an updated style? Visit a beautician, go through beauty procedures, love yourself, your face, body, all to the smallest particles. You are the only one!

Follow these rules and in no case give a second, third, fifth chance to an unhealthy relationship. Enough to be a hostage and follow the lead of a person who does not show you a single drop of respect and certainly no feelings. It will be difficult for the first three months, and after that, everything will be forgotten.

But during this time, you will learn to respect and value yourself, love yourself for who you are, in a word, change your life for the better. And only, in this case, you will be ready for a new relationship, in which you will no longer make past mistakes of the past, and finally, you will be loved and happy!

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