5 types of women who scare men away, even though they are beautiful

It so happens that a girl is both clever and beautiful, but alone. And it’s not about looks. Why is it easy and interesting with some women but hard with others? Why are outwardly nondescript representatives of the weaker s*x are happier than their spectacular comrades-in-arms?

5 female types that scare men away

What habits, character traits and behaviour prevent beautiful girls from meeting their love?

Women friends

Men perceive such ladies as “bros” and comrades with whom you can have fun, consult about a girl, or hide behind as an alibi. Such women do not initially flirt. They build familiar relations with the stronger s*x and prefer the “boyish” style.

Perhaps these girls grew up without a father and therefore do not know how to flirt with men or have had negative experiences in the past. Guys often like them, but the latter cannot see their partners in any way. So women friends are left alone. They understand intellectually why they are treated this way, but they cannot do anything.

Introverted women

Self-contained girls can have a lot of merits, but only their close friends know about them. And then they are not always aware of everything that happens in their life. What can we say about men who have to fight their way through all this armour? Few are ready to wait for months, patiently, or even years when they will be allowed into their inner world.

Getting acquainted with such women, men conclude that they are not interested in them; therefore, they do not seek to develop relationships. Introverts do not know how to show their emotions, hiding them deep inside. Such women remain unnoticed until they dare to open up to people.

Women teachers

Know-it-all women teach everyone and annoy everyone. Men develop a persistent antipathy towards them since they remind them of the hated teachers from school


After all, you want simple relationships, not brainwashing and regular tests for suitability. Men immediately begin to ignore the “teachers” who, at every opportunity, correct them, make remarks to them, and generally emphasize their erudition in every possible way.

Women princesses

Such women sit at home and sigh that they do not meet anyone. They run home from work, solve everyday problems, and if they are fond of something, then what they can do without leaving their home walls: reading, watching a movie.

Such women have almost no acquaintances, and even if they appear in a company, they few people pay attention.

Girls-princesses do not know how to present themselves; they always wait for the initiative from the male side, behave emphatically cold and dream of romance and beautiful deeds for their sake. And what about men? And they quickly figure out what’s what and switch to more accommodating ladies.


Men flee in horror from loud, scandalous and aggressive women. Even beauty does not save since it is drowned out by the bass voice of eternal discontent and claims. Such women do not go into their pockets for words; they joke vulgarly and are not afraid to swear indecently.

What kind of tender feelings for them can we talk about? Men like fragile, vulnerable natures and “fight women” themselves hurt anyone. It is no wonder that the representatives of the stronger s*x minimize communication with them.

Who wants to be led by constant provocations? So it is difficult for such women to arrange their personal life unless they meet a partner who will be ready to endure the fighting character and please her in everything.

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