Manuel Franco wins 768 million jackpot: “I quit my job”

Manuel Franco has been participating in the American lottery since he was eighteen. And that it has paid off is another understatement. The 24-year-old man from Wisconsin can take home the third largest jackpot in American history: 768.4 million dollars.

The young man bought the winning ticket on March 27. He bet 10 dollars and he had a good feeling right from the purchase.

But that was nothing compared to the euphoric feeling that came over Manuel Franco when it turned out that he had emerged as the big winner in the draw.

“It was fantastic. My heart roared incredibly fast. I felt the blood flowing through my veins. I cried out for minutes”, Manuel said during a press conference. In Wisconsin, lottery winners cannot remain anonymous.

Manuel Franco went to work the next day, but sweated profusely and could barely hide the good news from his colleagues. He would soon leave his job.

Manuel Franco wins 768 million jackpot: "I quit my job"
©AP – Manuel Franco

The American is not yet sure what the next chapter in his life will entail, but he does want to take the necessary time so that he does not get on the wrong path. He has gathered around him a team of lawyers and financial experts to help him.

He has already made one important decision. Normally the full amount would be paid out for 29 years. But Manuel Franco chose to immediately accept the cash amount of $477 million.

“Now I want to let everything sink in first,” said 768 Jackpot winner. “I want to help the world, but also secure my future.”

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