Mexico: A statue of the Virgin Mary cries tears of “olive oil”

In a Roman Catholic church in New Mexico, a seven-foot-high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary have shed tears of “olive oil” according to church leaders.

According to the reports from theindpendent, the statue, known locally as Our Lady of Guadalupe, does not shed human tears. Bishop Oscar Cantu said an investigation revealed that it is scented olive oil. This oil is considered sacred when blessed and is used to anoint the faithful and priests.

This rare incident prompted people to come for conversions, for confessions and to watch the statue of the Mother of God.

“Some of the witnesses say that it smelled of roses, so something similar to the oil that I bless and consecrate every year and that we use for baptism, for confirmations, and for the ordination of priests. We examined the interior of the hollow statue and found no strange substance except cobwebs.”

“To confirm the facts, we took pictures, we examined them, church officials turned to Mexican manufacturers to determine if a liquid had been used in the making of the statue. They discovered that the wax had been used, but it was so hot that all the wax melted,” said Bishop Cantu.

“In this process, they assured us that there would be no possibility that moisture remained in the bronze, these are some of the facts that we have established.”

“Although many visitors have gathered at the church to confirm the fact, some can not help wondering if this is not just a hoax. Even if it was the case we do not know how it would be done physically because it is hardened bronze. We looked inside, and there is nothing inside.”

Hoping that the tears are supernatural, Cantu said that the church will determine whether it is a good sign or a bad sign.

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