Moroccan teacher allegedly rape 9-year-old student for “9 times”

A 51-year-old Moroccan teacher at a primary school in the north-west of the country was arrested and presented to the prosecutor of the Rabat Court of Appeal for having raped a nine-year-old student “at least nine times”.

A French teacher in a third-year primary class in Tiflet, in north-western Morocco, was presented to the prosecutor general of the Rabat Court of Appeal. He is accused of having repeatedly raped one of his nine-year-old students, reports the Arabic-language news site Assabah, which quotes sources close to the case.

The respondent, 51, a fervent religious belonging to an Islamist group, confessed to the facts after his confrontation with the victim.

According to the sources, the teacher molested his student “at least nine times”, including inside the classroom. He also put psychological pressure on her not to tell her parents.

“The accuser was so sure of himself that he dared to go to the home of his young victim in the middle of a period of confinement, claiming his desire to provide her with support courses,” it sounds. The drama continues that the teacher devises a crook method as if he is going to teach her, “but instead, he took her to another place to abuse her,” the sources add.

Assabah relates that the girl, after having been abused on several occasions within the framework of “these support courses”, ended up informing her parents of her categorical refusal to continue to attend the class, claiming that the teacher was “a man”, which intrigued his mother.

Faced with the insistence of her mother, who did not believe her argument, the victim ended up confessing everything. After a medical examination, the repeated abuses of the nine-year-old student were certified.

Thus, the family lodged a complaint against the professor with the Tiflet Court of First Instance, whose prosecution ordered the opening of an investigation, which resulted in the arrest of the defendant. Confronted with his victim, the teacher ended up confessing. An investigation is still ongoing to determine if other victims are concerned.

In 2018, according to an official report, 2,500 legal actions were initiated by the public prosecutor against people who committed sexual assaults on children in the Cherifian kingdom.

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