Valentine: Motel makes ads of an engagement ring found in one of the rooms

The employees of this motel decided to do an act of charity by advertising an engagement ring found in a room after the day of the Valentine and owns by a married man.

This week is a week of love, probably the week that Valentine’s Day fall in and the date which thousands of people are invaded by love, romance, and their high desires. February 14 is usually the date on which thousands of couples visit the motels to demonstrate the love they have, without fear of being criticized, and to ignite the flame of passion.

Exactly, this situation called the attention of a motel in Guatemala, which went viral after giving a hundred percent real social service, not fake, in which the motel disclosed that a married man forgot his engagement ring in one of San’s special rooms on the day of Valentine.

According to Sopitas, the establishment Palace Auto Hotel posted a notice to their official Facebook page in which they requested the help of users to find the owner of an engagement ring that engraved the name of his wife and the date of his wedding.

In the publication, it stressed that the ‘forgotten’ engagement ring has the date 21-11-2015 engraved on it, added that the owner of this ring can come up and pick it up without any problem.

Valentine: Motel makes ads of an engagement ring hidden in a room

The comments after the publication were awful, immediately, some users opined that married women on that date should review the activities of their husbands on the day of the Valentine.

Meanwhile, men tried to defend themselves. Most of the men who commented on the publication alleged that this ‘macho’ went to the motel to celebrate love with his wife, although there were men that insisted he took his lover.

So far it is unknown if the forgetful man is already for his engagement ring, but thousands pray for him because more than one knows deep down that the ‘macho’ did not go with his wife for his ‘double shift’ of work.

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