Need good Bluetooth earphones? These are our tips

There are more and more smartphones on the market that no longer have a traditional audio connection, which means that you, as a music-loving consumer, are actually required to purchase Bluetooth wireless earphones.

With the following tips in mind, you don’t go wrong on Bluetooth wireless earphones.

1. Are they dust and waterproof?

You often wear wireless earphones outdoors, where they are exposed to the elements. The advantage of the traditional earbuds with wire was that there were a lot of budget specimens; it was not so bad to have to buy new ones again. As a rule, wireless earphones are already slightly more expensive: it is, therefore, worthwhile to immediately see whether they can take a beating in the form of dust, sweat or rain. Especially if you also do sports with it.

2. How long does the battery last?

Wireless earphones work on battery and you, therefore, have to charge them regularly. How regular depends on the type. Bluetooth earphones that are interconnected via a cable last for an average of eight hours on one full battery. The variant without a cable in between (where both ears are connected to your smartphone via the Bluetooth radio connection) for three to five hours.

3. Which version? At least 4.2

An extremely important element is the Bluetooth version. Most modern smartphones support Bluetooth 4.2, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to find a set of Bluetooth earphones that do the same. To begin with, that is much better for the battery runtime: the latest Bluetooth version uses significantly less power than its predecessors.

In addition, version 4.2 is more secure for computer intrusions. No, hackers will not try to penetrate through your earphones, but when you have wireless earphones in your ears, everyone will see that the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone is open. And then you better work with the most recent (and very safe) version.

4. Comfort

Being comfortable is a very subjective criterion because that is different for every user. And finding a set of ears that fits comfortably for the specific shape of your ear is no mean feat; most people wear several pairs before they find the right one. For hygienic reasons, electronics stores do not usually let you fit them for purchase. But it does not make the comfort factor any less important: it is, of course, important that they do not fall out of your ears or hurt you while wearing them.

5. Price

Bluetooth sets cost on average of a few tens of dollars, and there are also outliers that go above one hundred euros. It is then a matter of checking in your preferred price category which earphones received the best reviews from other users.

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