The woman who could be the lost twin sister of Meghan Markle

This woman, Erica Lauren could be the lost twin sister of Meghan Markle after many social networks noticed the great resemblance between them and immediately began to drop their comments. Erica Lauren is a Plus Size model from Pasadena, California, became famous with the help a brand of British clothes called “Simply Be” hired to make a special shooting on her line of wedding dresses.

But social media and media immediately compared her with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, for the resemblance between the two, and she thanked the gesture for the comparisons. “So, I have not said too much about all these ‘meghan markle’ comparisons that people keep making but since I’m about to sit down and get caught up on this ‘royal wedding’ and all, I might as well share! 😝 thanks” she wrote on her on Instagram.

And is that, shortly after she launched her advertising campaign, netizens already told her that she was equal to the former actress who is currently pregnant of her firstborn.

As the ‘lost twin sister’ confessed to Life & Style, the brand had noticed the striking resemblance between Prince Harry’s wife and the model, so they thought it would be ideal to model their clothes.

“The resemblance between the two was obvious, it was an important factor in choosing her for the shooting, although the most important reason was that she is a curvaceous woman with a real body and a fantastic model,” the spokesperson added. Both have the same hair colour, cheekbones, skin tone and even a similar smile, but far from Erica bothering to be compared to royalty, the so-called lost twin sister is happy to contribute in fashion and make women feel safe with your body.

Erica Lauren

Her work is published on social networks in which she talks about “fashion plus size, health/fitness, confidence, food, the struggle with weight control, diversity, American Corporations, music, makeup, curly hair, travel,” according to a post that referenced her website.

She has modelled for brands such as Torrid, Fashion Nova, Ashley Stewart, Simply Be, Windsor and NY & Co/Fashion to Figure. Erica Lauren has a bachelor’s degree in music from the USC Thornton School of Music, a master’s degree in business administration.

The lost twin sister also worked as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, but prior to that Erica focused on strategic initiatives to increase the representation of minorities and women and challenged to eliminate bias in the workplace.

Erica hopes that through her career as a model she can expand her influence and inspire women, whether they struggle with their weight and/or self-confidence.

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