Overcoming laziness: how to keep fit this autumn

On a cold and gloomy autumn day, more than anything else, you want to take a cup of fragrant tea, wrap yourself in a blanket and bury yourself in any book or TV series. What kind of training is there: once again, even to move too lazy.

However, in the fall, it is also important to regularly engage in physical exercises (at least the simplest ones), not only for the sake of physical appearance but also to reduce stress and strengthen immunity. Here are some simple and effective ways to keep fit despite laziness and slight autumn blues.

Do 5-minute exercises often

Start every day with an elementary five-minute exercise: stretch your muscles, warm up your joints, do stretches, jump a little or run in place to wake up faster.

Exercising will invigorate, instantly lift your spirits and help you tune in to the workday. If possible, be sure to do exercises during breaks at work: the body and brain will say “thank you” for this.


To reduce the likelihood of skipping a workout, add it to your plan for the day: choose a convenient time, write how many minutes (or hours, who knows) you want to train, etc.

Do not forget to plan a rest: it is always nice to look at your schedule and understand that you will have time to relax, recover, and gain strength after a hard day.

Create a comfortable environment

If you want to exercise at home, create a comfortable environment for yourself: free up space, get a special rug, put dumbbells, fitness rubber bands, and anything else you plan to use during your workout.

If you want to, then you can add a pinch of motivation to your sports corner: photos of athletes who inspire you, posters with quotes for self-confidence, etc.

Exercise on the street

Although it is already chilly outside, try to exercise more often in the fresh air. This way, you can get enough sunlight to feel more active, invigorated, and more fun throughout the day.

The main thing is to dress to feel comfortable during training: not too cold and not too hot.

Join the group

For some people, group activities can help motivate and discipline them. If it is hard for you to train alone, try to find like-minded people and go in for sports with them, periodically “pushing” each other.

Add variety

Do not get hung up on just one sport: after all, even your favorite activities sometimes get bored. Try to diversify your workouts and do something new: instead of the gym, go to boxing, and instead of running, go swimming or aerobics.

This will help you avoid the routine and will give you a lot of new sensations.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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