Overconfidence: Stray dog ​​fight lioness that attacks him – video

An Indian Forest Service officer shared a video showing a stray dog confronting a lioness in the savannah and leaving the battlefield victorious.

By sharing a video showing an unlikely scene, an Indian forest service employee made the buzz on Twitter. In the savannah, a stray dog attacked a lioness.

Attacked by the predator, the dog manages to get out of its claws then barks for about ten seconds, causing the lioness to retreat.

After a few moments and assured of his “victory”, the stray canine moves away in peace.

Makes the buzz

The scene was filmed by tourists on safari sitting in a Jeep a few dozen yards away. The video made the rounds on social networks.

“Need this much confidence in life. Dog vs Lion. It also highlights the issue of stray dogs & wildlife interaction,” writes the forest officer in the caption.

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