Stray dog bursts onto soccer field, run with a football boot

After entering the pitch at a recent Bolivian football league match, a stray dog found a master: the player who carried the curious animal off the pitch promised to adopt it, the Bolivian daily Pagina Siete reported on 26th December.

The Liga de Futbol Profesional Boliviano match on 24th December was suspended for three minutes due to an unexpected visitor: an abandoned dog suddenly entered the pitch to play and chew on a boot of one of the players, reports a recent article in the Bolivian daily Página Siete. Reuters later posted the video of this scene.

The dog, with a football boot between his fangs, did not want to leave. Thanks to the Strongest La Paz footballer Raul Castro, who took the animal in his arms and carried it off the pitch, that the match was able to resume.

All’s well that ends well

In the aftermath, Castro learned that the troublemaker had been released from an animal shelter. He decided to adopt the quadruped.

“I contacted the shelter and told them I would adopt him [the dog]. For the time being, I have sent them something to take care of him. I will adopt him when I return to La Paz,” he said, quoted by Pagina Siete.

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