PETA Names Cow After Kim Kardashian: Meet Kimberly Kowdashian

The Indian branch of animal rights organization PETA has honored Kim Kardashian (40) in a special way.

To celebrate the reality star’s promotion of a plant-based diet, the institution named a cow saved from abuse after the reality star. The animal is now known as Kimberly Kowdashian.

PETA thanks the mother of four for her compassion for mothers of all species by urging her family and fans to go vegan, the organization said on their Instagram of Kardashian.

Kimberly Kowdashian was seized after her owner assaulted her on the street, according to PETA. The animal has been transferred to a shelter. “Now she enjoys the green grass and likes to relax in the shade. She has made friends with a calf named Sonya and a cow named Meena.”

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