Pete Davidson refuses to act after Ariana Grande is mentioned

Pete Davidson, the actor who became known to us mainly for his short relationship with Ariana Grande, is once again single. His relationship with Kate Beckinsale just went wrong, but he doesn’t want to be reminded of that. Neither about the relationship with Ariana. He, therefore, refused to act when the ladies were mentioned.

Pete had planned a performance in an American club but refused to enter the stage after the club owner was introduced. The man had asked the audience not to mention the names of Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale during the show. But Pete, he said, had asked the owner not to mention them in his announcement. The comedian, therefore, left without taking the stage. On Instagram, he apologized to the fans. “Sorry,” it sounds.

“The owner treated me badly. He did something while I asked him not to do that. I cannot perform under such circumstances,” Pete revealed, among other things. Affected fans can expect a ticket for another show. “It’s not your fault, so we’ll make sure you can see another show,” said Pete.

The owner of the club has meanwhile defended himself against Pete’s decision. According to him, Pete’s security team explicitly asked him to give such a speech in advance.

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