Prince Charles had his sons pick up garbage

Prince Charles had his sons William and Harry pick up the waste from other people during the school holidays and throw it away. “My father lives what he stands for”, said Prince William’s eldest son about Charles in a documentary made by the British broadcaster BBC on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the British crown prince on 14 November.

It was therefore normal for his brother Harry and himself to have bags in their hands to collect waste. Charles himself also did a penny in the bag during the royal holidays in Norfolk.

Prince Charles is a fanatical organic farmer and is committed to climate protection and protection of endangered species. The one-hour documentary on the occasion of Charles’s birthday will be shown by the BBC next Thursday evening.

Charles and Camilla are currently in Ghana. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, who make a nine-day tour through Africa, visited the Jamestown Café in the city of Accra on Saturday. The duo was treated in the cultural centre to a number of demonstrations of boxers and footballers and made a tour of the paintings that tell about the history of the country.

A day earlier Charles and Camilla landed at the airport of Accra where they were welcomed by dozens of students who had lined up in rows along a red carpet. After a meeting with the president of Ghana, they closed the day with a reception. There the prince was already presented with an early birthday cake.

Ghana is the second stop of a ‘royal tour’ to three West African, Commonwealth countries. The couple was previously a guest in Gambia and is still going to Nigeria.

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